Quadrant on technology triple play at Singapore Digital (SG:D) Industry Day

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Quadrant IMDA Industry Day Recap

CEO Mike Davie outlined potential of combining of AI, blockchain and data at presentation on day of Mainnet launch

Singapore Digital (SG:D) Industry Day hosted by the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA), our CEO Mike Davie shared his insights on how the combination of Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and big data will change for good decision-making processes, both in the public and private spheres.

It was a special event for us because that very same day Quadrant launched on November 22 its Mainnet, which will host a new data ecosystem where innovators, companies and policy-makers can map, verify and distribute high-quality data products.

Quadrant is already supporting IMDA’s nationwide initiative to strengthen Singapore’s digitalization efforts amid the Digital Economy Framework for Action. In May, we signed a two-year partnership with the IMDA to implement a commercial AI and microservice layer on Quadrant.io and powered by Quadrant Protocol. In front of a full auditorium, Mike explained the potential and capabilities of Quadrant’s improved technology and how our blockchain-powered protocol can play a crucial role addressing the data problems of business, government and organizations, in line with SG:D strategy goals.


The triple somersault revolution

We believe the next big revolution in the innovation economy won’t be a new technology, but the intersection of three existing ones — the combination of AI, data and blockchain. As our world relies more than ever on data, these sometimes over-used buzzwords are crystallizing into multibillion dollar markets.

And this is just the beginning. The incessantly growing flow of information from our connected devices, from our smarter cities and from our increasingly sophisticated business models is feeding a new generation of algorithms that are changing the way we make decisions.

But, to make the right choices, this new data powered determination needs new tools to manage, filter and process all that info. And that is where AI and blockchain can bring big data to the next level.


New defining technologies

Three concurrent phenomena have shaped the tech landscape during the last decade: social, mobile and cloud. We are now starting to witness a shift into the new defining technologies of our time: AI, blockchain and the Internet of Things.

Real-time big data is the key value proposition for all use cases and AI is the tool to provide actionable and efficient data outputs. But for the real change to occur, we need to build first a new data ecosystem. One that is not dominated by a handful of big players or limited by AI developments. And that is where blockchain technology can help fill the gap.

At Quadrant we are convinced of this. That’s why we have created two powerful tools to help the innovators in the datasphere thrive. Quadrant.io is a platform where data users can access a new data ecosystem and Quadrant Protocol is our blockchain tech designed to authenticate and stamp data.

Watch the video recap of the entire event here:



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