We Analysed Luxury Travellers in APAC, This is What We Found

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Luxury travel is one of the biggest sources of revenue for the tourism industry, and some of the fastest growth is seen coming from countries in the Asia-Pacific.

We at Quadrant decided to track these affluent travellers with mobile location data to uncover insights into their behaviour and preferences. The findings and insights was shared at our monthly community event on Thursday, 25th April 2019.


One of the main issues seen in the travel and hospitality industry is that, in the main, they are limited to using their existing customer base or internal data to conduct their analysis.

But internal data only show organisations a fraction of the entire market, and may well be slow to reflect changes in this fast-paced industry.


"The problem therein is that it's internal... This is not reflective of new demand that is going to be coming up in the next few years."


With mobile location data however, we are able to capture the movement, preferences and intent of the broader market.


Where Do Luxury Travellers Come From?

One of the big insights from our data was that travellers from three countries accounts for 72% of all luxury travellers.


Proportion of Luxury Travellers by Country

Travellers from Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore accounts for 72% of all Luxury Travellers in APAC. Are you marketing to them?


By knowing where most luxury travellers come from, hotels and businesses in the hospitality industry can respond by running targeted marketing campaigns or initiatives to effectively attract these tourists.

Here are a few examples which businesses could do:

  • Allocate a greater proportion of your marketing budget to target travellers from these countries.
  • Create culturally relevant advertisements and marketing materials that resonates with travellers of these countries.
  • Offer promotions and packages to attract travellers from these countries.
  • Perform targeted marketing campaigns or push targeted advertisements to these affluent travellers.


How Long Do Luxury Travellers Stay?

Another interesting findings is that on average, luxury travellers tend to stay in luxury resorts and hotels within their home country longer than those in other APAC countries.


How Long Do Asia Pacific Luxury Travellers Stay

Average duration which Luxury Travellers stay in each country. 


Using location data to know the average duration which luxury travellers stay by country, airlines and hospitality businesses are better able to understand the behaviour of their target customers.

Here are some things which businesses could do with the insight:



"With mobile location data, what you essentially get is the power of the where, the who, and the how."



"By knowing who travels, where they travel, and the travel patterns through mobile -- the study of mobile location data -- these travel brands ... can now identify new ways to identify, track, and retain this group."



Full Report on Luxury Travellers

This article contains snippets from Quadrant's monthly community event

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