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january Update

It’s been quite a year for Quadrant. Amid the incredible growth of the blockchain space, we have managed to design and build a data platform with a working mainnet that is capable of meeting the data needs of enterprise businesses. That is something to be very proud of, and it has taken a lot of hard work and the support of everyone on the team and in the community to get here. 

 I’d like to take this opportunity, at the beginning of the new year, to focus on some of the upcoming milestones we are aiming for as we continue to execute on our roadmap. 
 In 2019 we will continue to expand our sales capabilities. We have added experience to our data space team. Glenn Harrison and Tim Solt, with over four decades’ combined experience in data marketing, will lead our sales efforts in both Asia and the US. We will continue to add smart, focused team members who are committed to bringing Quadrant’s unique, groundbreaking data solutions to enterprise customers. 
 These enterprise customers will be the full focus of our sales and development efforts in the first quarter of the new year. As 2019 unfolds, we are planning to roll out new initiatives designed to even better serve the needs of organisations. The next of these, to be announced in February, will be an important new tool to help customers visualise data. 
 As the year rolls on we will continue to release new features and improve and enhance Quadrant’s technical capabilities. Later in the first quarter, we will release a Microservice Layer that will allow customers to that will help them work with data better and build faster with less need for data cleaning. Later in the year we are also planning for the release of Quadrant’s Constellation Protocol, which will allow more complex data feeds to be built. Our commitment is to follow through on the promises and progress we made in 2018 and to continue improving Quadrant’s data solutions for its customers. 
 Building upon our objective of having Quadrant provide the most robust solution possible to data professionals, we will be rolling out our Elon Program later this year. The program will incentivise data visionaries, or Elons as we call them, to use the Quadrant platform through various benefits, which in turn will grow our reach within the data community and strengthening our ecosystem. To this end, in 2019 we will also begin to lay the groundwork for our Guardian Nodes Program. While the program itself is set to release in 2020, we will start our selection process this year.


Launch of Service Credits

Earlier this month we introduced Service Credits, a path-breaking initiative allowing customers to purchase QUAD tokens — known as Service Credits — directly from Quadrant at a rate of 1 QUAD = 1 USD. This is an important step as it allows anyone to use Quadrant without the need to transact on third-party exchanges to obtain tokens. This first-in-the-industry innovation makes Quadrant’s user experience smoother and more seamless than ever.

The way it works is simple. When a customer makes a purchase request, Quadrant obtains the desired amount of QUAD on a third-party exchange on their behalf. We then, in turn, remove one eQUAD token from circulation for each QUAD purchased. This keeps the total number of circulating tokens unchanged, and the ratio of QUAD to eQUAD constant at 1:1. The price is based on the enterprise value of a Service Credit as reflected in in SaaS/B2B models. Within 48 hours the QUAD will appear in the customer’s wallet in the form of a Service Credit. No cryptocurrency is needed — all purchases can be made in government-backed fiat currency.

We made the decision to introduce this program because many of Quadrant’s enterprise customers have strict security and reporting requirements that make it difficult for them to transact on crypto exchanges. The Service Credits program also makes the experience of using the Quadrant platform more seamless for users. We invite you to try it out — you can purchase Service Credits on our website here.



Quadrant Hosts Location Data Event in Singapore

To explore the power and promise of location data, the Quadrant team hosted its first meetup of 2019 with the presentation “Better Data, Better Tomorrow” at its headquarters in Singapore. During the two-hour event, both me and outBig Data & Blockchain Engineer Sharique Azam shared our insights on how location data analytics work, offering some real-world use cases of its vast potential across industries.

The focus of the presentations was the way data surrounds so much of what people do in their everyday lives. We explained how data is created any time we order a latte at the coffee shop, tap our phones to ride transit, or hail a car through a ride-sharing app. The aggregation of millions of data points can paint an incredibly detailed picture of what people need and want, and when and where they want it. That is the core of location data analytics. Unleashing its power, and placing it in the hands of organisations, is Quadrant’s mission, which our team members provided insights on at the event.
 In case you missed it, we have selected some highlights of the event here. You can watch the Facebook Live broadcast here. You can stay updated about our upcoming events by subscribing to our social media accounts and joining our Telegram community.


Quadrant Welcomes Tim Solt and Other New Team Members

This month, Quadrant welcomed Senior Sales Consultant Tim Solt as well as three interns: JingYi Li, Wei Soon, and Qi Xuan Ang. These four additions to our team, through their various skillsets and roles, are a part of our 2019 growth aimed at building an ever stronger platform and bringing that product to enterprise customers in Asia and globally.


Quadrant in the Media

Earlier this week, I was featured in the International Business Times explaining the ways big data has been mischaracterised in the media. Specifically, I was responding to musician will.i.am’s statement, during the World Economic Forum in Davos, that people should own and control all their data. The fact is that this is both unnecessary and would act as a drag on innovation and growth. People have nothing to fear, and much to gain, from the intelligent analysis of anonymous data. You can read the full piece here.

Also this month, Quadrant’s Senior Sales Consultant Glenn Harrison published a piece on the value location data can provide to enterprises. In it, he draws on his more than 20 years’ experience in the data space to illustrate the benefits organisations gain when they are able to utilise data effectively. He compares it to a map in the desert, helping businesses understand what direction to move in to grow and thrive.



2019 is Shaping up to be an Exciting Year

In 2018, Quadrant lived up to our promises, building out our technical ecosystem, launching our Mainnet, and growing our sales team. For the new year, we are laser focused on building enterprise partnerships and multiplying our successes to date. We have already had a strong start to the year, with more achievements in store for the rest of 2019. We are excited to have you as part of the journey. 
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This post was orginally posted on Quadrant's official Medium account on 30 January 2019


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