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Location Based Strategies For the Holiday Season


With the Formula 1 hullabaloo behind us, shoppers are bound to be getting ready for the wave of seasonal sales that will inevitably start in a few weeks.

With major holidays on the horizon, it’s time to think about whether your marketing and advertising teams are making the adjustments needed to attract the right customers to maximise your media spend.

Deepavali and Christmas are next on the holiday calendar. For sales in these periods to be successful, brands need to ensure they bring the maximum number of customers into stores – not only maintain, but grow, footfall.


Adding real-world intelligence to the mix


It’s likely you have already built a persona of your typical customer. Next, it’s time to augment that with mobile location data. This is what we call “real-world intelligence”.

Real-world intelligence is proven to improve the effectiveness of marketing and ad campaigns. It provides contextual information on visitation patterns in the physical world, adding extra value to media campaigns.

For example, people seen at last year’s Deepavali bazaars or Little India will be more suitable for targeted promotions during Hindu holidays and festivals, compared to those seen over Christmas in the Orchard area. These two groups will likely have different shopping habits and purchase intent, and therefore will be susceptive to different ad campaigns.

With mobile location data providing insight on real-world behaviour, you can now engage your target audiences and potential customers with messages and offers that are most .

The ability to deliver these tailored ads to your customers and prospects leads to more repeat visits, cross-selling, and upselling – all through location data.

By targeting your audience with more relevant ads based on what they have done previously in the real world, and not solely based on what advertisers thinks their demographics are, your campaigns will perform better in the short and long term.


Looking at your omni-channel strategies


As you build your marketing mix strategy, keep in mind the basic and time-tested marketing mantra: “the right message to the right person to the right time”. Your message should be reaching customers and prospects when they are most primed to receive it.

This has led some marketers to look at smarter ways to target customers. They are doing this via geofencing. Geofencing works by targeting ads at locations where your customers are and sending them targeted messages on their mobile devices within that location.

We can think of geofencing as a “surgical strike” in marketing lingo (i.e. sending the right message to the right person at the right time).

An equally innovative surgical strike method is to use location-based audience segments. These can be defined as groups of people who have displayed common real-world characteristics. For example, the new year period is always a busy time for automotive shoppers.

Assuming these are your target audience of buyers, you will want to send out highly targeted messaging to them as part of your seasonal marketing mix. Location-based audience segments allow you to send messaging to those very people who have recently been in a car dealership – in other words, those with purchase intent.

The best part of location-based audience segments is that they allow you to not only target potential customers of your brand, but also those of your competitors’ brands.

Finally, out of home (OOH), print, radio, and TV are still important and cover a wide plethora of potential customers – both new and old. We can think of this as the “carpet-bombing” approach to marketing, helping to ensure no potential targets are left out despite what channel they most frequently engage with.




With the plethora of seasonal holidays upon us, it’s time for marketers and advertisers to adjust their marketing plans and ask themselves whether they’re targeting the right customer profiles with the right message.

At Quadrant, our audience segments could be just the weapon you need in your arsenal this holiday season. Moreover, with the right planning it could be the last weapon you’ll ever need for holidays in the foreseeable future.

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Navas Khan

Head of Marketing at Quadrant

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