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Leveraging ground-truth location data to revolutionize property insurance: eBook

In an era where data is at the heart of decision-making, the property insurance industry is no exception. Assessing risk, underwriting policies, and even mitigating adjacent property risks all lean heavily on accurate and contextually relevant geospatial data. In this article, we delve into how Geolancer's (Quadrant's POI-as-a-Service) accurate, up-to-date, and customizable datasets are revolutionizing property insurance at every turn – using real-world examples from multiple successful projects.   

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A comprehensive guide to buying mobile location data: eBook

Navigating the location data space can be challenging, especially when making decisions that impact your business's bottom line. Whether you're venturing into this space for the first time or looking to refine your approach, our Location Data Buyer's Guide is here to assist. This comprehensive guide aims to demystify the process, offering insights and tips to ensure you make informed choices when procuring location-based services and data. Dive in to unlock the potential of geospatial intelligence for your business. 

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A comprehensive guide to buying Point-of-Interest Data: eBook

Point-of-Interest (POI) data has become a key component in driving innovation, efficiency, and personalized user experiences across diverse industries. From enabling ride-sharing services to identify pick-up and drop-off locations and ensuring timely last-mile deliveries, to enriching real estate insights and supporting state-of-the-art AI models and Large Language Models (LLMs), POI data is reshaping how businesses operate.  

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Geolancer Guardians: how we solved the problem of rural POI coverage

In our sales pitch, we promise our partners, some of the biggest tech companies in the world, that we will supply them with accurate Point-of-Interest data “from downtown Singapore to the rainforests of Sumatra”. Building a Points-of-Interest database in a dense area like Singapore CBD is trivial, and many companies can do it; but how about rural Indonesia or small islands in the Philippines? This is a story of how we employed blockchain technology and fantasy storytelling to get accurate ground truth data in areas that couldn’t be realistically mapped before.

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Unleashing the power of geospatial data for retailers : eBook

Today, in the fiercely competitive world of retail, harnessing the power of location data is no longer just an option, but a necessity for success. Making hyperlocal and contextual decisions has become a crucial factor in setting retailers apart from their competitors.

By tapping into the wealth of geospatial data, companies can unlock valuable insights into customer preferences, behaviors, and patterns. That's why we're excited to present our latest eBook, 'Unleashing the Power of Geospatial Data for Retailers'. In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you on a journey through the significance of these data types, and the numerous use cases that can empower retailers to flourish and thrive.

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