Quadrant December Update: Quadrant’s First Year, AMA Recap, A Look at the Year Ahead

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 As we prepare to say goodbye to 2018, we reflect on the month of December and also the amazing year Quadrant has had. From our successful token sale to our Mainnet launch, we have come a long way in 12 short months. Here are some highlights from a good month and a great year:

2018: The Year that Was

Develop and Deliver — that has been Quadrant’s guiding principle throughout the year. Ever since our customers came to us with pressing data needs in the fall of 2017, we have been focused on building a solution that allows these users to trust and utilise their data in new and beneficial ways. From an idea to use the blockchain to provide a better solution to verify and map data, a strong business has grown and flourished.

In July, Quadrant completed its token sale, and turned its focus to the commercialisation of our Testnet and the launch of our Mainnet. Keeping our promise to the community to solve real-world issues facing the data economy was, and is, of the utmost importance.

With that in mind, in November we successfully launched the Quadrant Mainnet. This means that Quadrant is now up and running and ready to meet the needs of our customers. We are a strong business with top-notch technology and a growing team, and the support of the community has had a great deal to do with that success.

From an idea to a functioning Mainnet and customers, all in one year. Wait until you see what 2019 has in store.


Recap of Quadrant’s December 6 AMA

On December 6, Quadrant CEO Mike Davie hosted an AMA to answer a wide range of questions posed by the community. This came on the heels of a busy November that saw the launch of the Quadrant Mainnet and the unlocking of our token, as well as the company’s presentation at a major event sponsored by the Government of Singapore’s Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA).

Mike detailed the company’s current business priorities and upcoming near, as well as long-term milestones on our roadmap. He detailed some of the business reasons behind our decision to unlock the token when we did, and explained Quadrant’s key goals for the coming year (hint: adoption, adoption, adoption).

Mike finished the session with a note of thank you for the continued support of the community. We were, as always, encouraged by your involvement and we will continue working hard to build a big data ecosystem that offers the solutions your businesses and organisations need.

You can read the full AMA recap here.


What’s in Store in 2019

With our Mainnet up and running, Quadrant is laser focused on growing our sales team and achieving enterprise partnerships in the first half of 2019. Just as we hit our milestones for our token sale and our Mainnet launch, our energies are now fully concentrated on winning new customers in the new year.

To that end, we have hired a new head of sales, Senior Sales Consultant Glenn Harrison, who brings decades of experience working with enterprises in the data space. The fact that he has chosen to join Quadrant speaks to the strength and promise of our platform. We are delighted to have Glenn as part of the team and we are confident he will play a key role in meeting our adoption goals. You can read an introduction to Glenn here.

Finally, 2019 will be a year spent building toward another big milestone: the launch of our Guardian Nodes program. While the distribution isn’t scheduled until 2020, the groundwork is already being laid. Expect to learn more about the specifics of the program as the new year unfolds.


Come Get the Most out of Data with Quadrant

If you are an organisation that requires multiple location datafeeds to meet your business needs and optimise your products or services, we invite you to set up a conversation with one of our sales professionals. Quadrant’s expertise in tracking the data supply chain provides access to auditable location datafeeds that you can have confidence in. Our blockchain platform can help you gain the insights that will help you solve critical problems and scale your business. You can set up a conversation here.

To all the members of our community, thank you again for your continued support. It has been an amazing year, and we can’t wait to move forward into 2019 together.

All the best,

The Quadrant Protocol Team


Nikos Kostopoulos

Community Growth & Networking - Quadrant

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