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Monetize your apps by sharing location data via a Server-to-Server integration. Our app monetization program comes with an integrated and free Consent Management Platform, QCMP, securing your revenue stream without worrying about compliance.



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Monetise With Quadrant


Ethically Sourced Data

Quadrant does not collect any personally identifiable information and comes integrated with a Consent Management Platform.


Consistent Revenue

Accurately forecast your data monetization revenues based on Daily and Monthly Active Users in different geographies.



 Leverage an S2S integration without impacting app performance, and enjoy the same monetization benefits of an SDK.


Minimal Maintenance

Minimize the resources, effort and overhead associated with SDK integration and maintenance, with one time S2S integration.

audit trail

Immutable Audit Trail

Leverage an immutable Blockchain ledger of your consent lifecycle that is readily available for compliance audits.



Our integrated Consent Management Platform tracks all privacy legislations in the world and adds compliance automatically.


 Check out our guide to S2S integration. To get started with the integration, please provide your information below and our monetisation experts will be in touch.



QCMP: An Integrated Consent Management Platform


Automate Compliance

Add your mobile applications to your QCMP account through a convenient dashboard, and include IAB-certified partners and set up compliance rules for GDPR, CCPA, and others with a single click. Our compact and resource-friendly SDK can be integrated into any app with just a few lines of code. Get informed about user compliance requests (like opt-out, do not sell, and request data) real-time, and take action right on your dashboard.


Earn User’s Trust

QCMP provides a straightforward compliance module to your applications, where users can manage their preferences, opt out, and exercise their data request rights granted by privacy regulations. Instead of manually tracking all these user actions, get automatic alerts and manage them on the convenient QCMP dashboard.


Provide an Audit Trail

Every single action in QCMP — the registration of a new app, changes in privacy policies, user requests, etc — is logged on the Quadrant Chain, the blockchain ledger powering the platform. As a single source of truth, the Quadrant Chain provides an immutable audit trail, up-to-date to the second.

Consent Management - What, Why, and How-1
Consent Management - What, Why, and How

Frequently Asked Questions

What data do you collect via the S2S integration?

Quadrant collects anonymised location data (GPS data signals) from opt-in first party users. We do not collect personal data or PII data. Our free consent management SDK ensures that you are in compliance of the privacy laws.

How does Quadrant use the data collected?

Location data presents a myriad of opportunities for business owners. Understanding where their audiences go and their movement patterns provides businesses with the power to access them and to effectively promote their products and services at the right place and time. For more details on how our clients uses your data, check out our Industry Solutions page.

How much revenue can I expect to earn? 

The revenue generated is determined on a host of factors such as Volume, Depth, Uniqueness of data and many more. Our data team will analyse these factors to give you a fair pricing.

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