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The Travel & Tourism incorporates many industries, including lodging, attractions, travel companies and more. Globally, the travel and tourism directly contributed approximately USD 2.9 trillion to GDP.

Quadrant’s location intelligence solutions help the travel, tourism, entertainment and hospitality sectors to identify potential customers, understand trends and gain a clearer understanding of competitors' customers.

  • Travel and hospitality agencies, travel analytics firms and travel research companies choose Quadrant to help them unlock real-world insights to improve services they offer

  • High-quality mobile geo-location data of more than 400 million monthly active users and counting


High-quality mobile location data that delivers

Our clients rely on our high-quality data to explore, analyse and understand consumers behaviour, geo-characteristics, visitation patterns, and more.

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Make Data-Driven Decision with Behavioural Insights

- Identify addressable market reach by analyzing competitors' footfall traffic and other related metrics

- Understand the profile of visitors seen at the identified location to determine if they are locals or tourists

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Enhance Promotional Activities based on Where The Travellers Go

- Identify where a certain group of visitors travel from and understand where they go to during their visits

- Promote activities and attractions based on their relative popularity based on footfall visits 


Monitor Site Performance

- Measure and track visitations across multiple locations

- Benchmark performance of sites based on competitors visitations 

What can location data do for your business?

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Uncover new business opportunities and optimise your business processes with Quadrant's high-quality location data.

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Location Data Allows Marketers To Connect The Digital & Physical Worlds

While many marketers will look to Facebook to segment their target markets, location data actually provides much better segmentation as you are able to get a much fuller picture of their behaviour. 

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Understand Affluent Travelers with Mobile Location Data

By knowing who travels, where they travel, and the travel patterns through mobile -- the study of mobile location data -- these travel brands ... can now identify new ways to identify, track, and retain this group.

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