Plan for the future of transportation with location-based data


The Mobility as a Service (MaaS) market size is poised to reach USD 210.44 billion by 2026 as reported by Fortune Business Insights.

Quadrant’s location intelligence solutions help Mobility as a Service (MaaS) companies, such as mapping, transportation and mobility applications, to understand how the world moves and to optimise their product offerings and services.

  • Industry leading companies in the mobility analytics and services sector choose Quadrant to power their solutions

  • High-quality mobile geo-location data of more than 400 million monthly active users and counting


High-quality mobile location data that delivers

Our clients rely on our high-quality data to explore, analyse and understand consumers behaviour, geo-characteristics, visitation patterns.

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Optimize Public Transportation

- Design transportation models using evidence-based location intelligence

- Create and adjust new dynamic models based on real-time location data to optimize routes, reduce expenditures and improve passenger satisfaction

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Location Intelligence for Shared Mobility Platforms

- Develop passenger prediction models based on historical data and density frequency

- Optimize pick-up and drop-off locations, using predictive capacity analysis to understand expected movements of targeted audience

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Understand Visitor Travel Patterns For Touristic Destinations

- Understand travellers' duration of stay in the identified areas / zones to create relevant ticket promotions

- Understand travellers' preferred modes of transportation across land, air and sea



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What can location data do for your business?

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