Plan for the future of resources with location data


With rising health care costs, limited healthcare facilities and resources, changes in patient demographics, evolving health threats and future challenges yet to be discovered, healthcare stakeholders will need to be able to plan and create new innovative ways to meet future market demands.

Quadrant’s location intelligence solutions help healthcare stakeholders to understand the effects of population movements in times of health crisis, plan and optimise stretched resources and identify locations for treatment facilities.

  • Medical research and hospital administration, consulting firms, and healthcare policy makers can leverage on location intelligence to help plan and create new innovative ways to meet future market demands

  • High-quality mobile geo-location data of more than 350 million monthly active users and counting


High-quality mobile location data that delivers

Our clients rely on our high-quality data to explore, analyse and understand consumers behaviour, geo-characteristics, visitation patterns, and more.

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Streamline and Optimize Allocation of Resources

- Allocate resources by studying the movement patterns of communities and highlight potential high-risk areas

- Optimize medical resources (e.g. ambulances) based on high-risk or high-density areas within cities


Mitigate The Resurgence of Community Virus Outbreaks

- Identify hotspots (e.g. restaurants/ public transports) to prepare for early prevention measures

- Highlight high-risk zones/clusters to assist with crowd alerts and prevent community transmission through travelling restrictions

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Develop New Public Policy Models Based on Data

- Provide early protection to high-risk individuals and communities by designing policies that allow for safe interactions

- Track the progress of new policies on footfall and mobility

What can location data do for your business?

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