Generate new revenue stream from data that is already being collected from your apps


Quadrant’s App Monetisation program offers app publishers to generate passive revenue from their apps.

Monetise your users' data ethically, in compliance with data privacy regulations.

  • Gain insights about your app users' location behavior and acquire new users with similar behavior


Tap into a new, additional revenue stream.

Our app monetisation SDK is compliant with Android and iOS Data Privacy Regulations, as well as GDPR, CCPA, and others.

Earn Passive Revenue Now!



Passive Monthly Payout

No maintenance is needed once Quadrant's SDK is integrated into your app.


Regulatory Compliance

No personal data will be collected. We are committed to respecting consumer privacy and data protection laws. Read more in our Privacy Policy page.


Low Footprint SDK

Quadrant's SDK is one of the smallest, most efficient SDKs on the market with a battery consumption of less than 1 percent.


Easy Integration

In less than thirty minutes, you can easily integrate Quadrant's SDK into your app.


What data do your SDK collect?

Quadrant's SDK collects only anonymised location data. We do not collect personal data or PII data. Our team will ensure that you be in compliance of the privacy laws.

How does Quadrant use the data collected?

Location data presents a myriad of opportunities for business owners. Understanding where their audiences go and their movement patterns provides businesses with the power to access them and to effectively promote their products and services at the right place and time. For more details on how our clients uses your data, check out our Industry Solutions page.

How much revenue can I expect to earn? 

The revenue generated is determined on a host of factors such as Volume, Depth, Uniqueness of data and many more. Our data team will analyse these factors to give you a fair pricing.

Add Quadrant Location SDK to your app today

Speak to our data consultant to start using Quadrant Location SDK

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